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1) No less than 13,000,000 roosters are fought each yeara) 2,000 cockpits nationwide registered with the Phil. Gamefowl Commission in 1994. There are more cockpits today.b) Let's consider an average of 25 matches per fight day (25 x 2,000 = 50,000) = 50,000c) Cockpits are open 2-4 days per week - let's consider 2 days. ( 2 X 50,000) = 100,000d) Multiplied by 52 weeks.( 52 x 100,000 ) = 5,200,000e) Two roosters fight for every match (2 x 5,200,000 )= 10,400,000d) Plus an average ten percent for derby fights (10% of 10,400,000 =1,040,000) = 11,440,000e) There is practically one tupada (illegal) for every registered & license cockpit that operates just as much. There are places or towns like Pagsanjan wherein (at one time) the town cokckpit is closed, but, there are 8 tupadas being operated. Let's consider an additional 20% (20% of 11,440,000 = 2,288,000); 2,288,000 plus 11,440,000 = 13,728,000f) For every rooster fought, there is an average of three or more roosters left in the owner's backyard. With this considered, we can probably use the number four as multiplier. (4 X 13,728,000) = 54,912,000 ESTIMATED NUMBER OF MALE GAMEBIRDS = 54,912,000 2) The gamefowl feed, supplement & gamefowl pharmaceutical business is now a multi-billion peso industrya) In 1988, Sarimanok Feeds, owned by Unilab, came out with their line of specially-fedds for gamefowl carrying the Thunderbird brand.b) Thunderbird has registered a steady considerable growth each yearc) Over the years, big local corporations have come up with their own line of gamefowl feeds or vetmed like Lakpue, Sagupaan, Frst Farmer etc.d) During the last five years the big players came in like Purina, Phils. (Rooster Booster); San Miguel's B-Meg (Derby Ace); Lucio Tan's Foremost Feeds (Ninja Feeds); Gokongwei's Robichem (Supremo Feeds); Sarmieto Family's Vitarich Feeds (Panabong Feeds) and other small companies. The pharmaceutical companies which have products specially catered to the gamefowl-raising and cockfighting sector are Novartis, Bayer, Sanofi, Phils., Univet, Lakpue Drug, Tynor Laboratories, Excellence Laboratories, etc.e) The big demand for raw materials in making feeds like corn, green peas, soya, seeds, jackie oats, wheat and the likes have made feed millers even import because the local farmers can not just meet the requirements.f) The farmers are directly benefitted because of the demand.g) The farm implements and needs suppliers like fertilizers, tractors, seeds and the likes are benefitted.h) Farmers would also employ more and earn more and will have a stronger buying power because of the bigger income. i) Gamefowl feed companies like Thunderbird employs hundreds if not thousands of people. j) The feeds are distributed all over the country by all means of transportation in land, air & water.k) These commodities are sold through thousands of poultry supply stores or agrivet stores nationwide which also employ a lot people.3) Gamefowl farm and cockfighting materials, equipments and the likes :a) Incubatorsb) Nets, cyclone wires, posts and others for fences.c) Feeding cups, waterers, hoses, ETC.d) Carrying cases, folping case, matse) Tari, sapin, hasa, etc.d) Transportation of roosters from farm to buyers, from buyers to cokpits. The PAL flight from Bacolod City carries an average of 50 heads of roosters each flight.4) Employment 4a) 2,000 cockpits nationwidea)2,000b) An average of 20 personnel per cockpit (20 X 2,000) = 40,000c) An average of 40 vendors per cockpit. Inside and outside.(40 x 2,000) = 80,000 plus 40,000 = 120,000d) An average of 50 kristos (bet takers) per cockpit (50 x 2,000 =) = 100,000 plus 120,000 = 220,000e) An average of 20 mananari per cockpit (20 x 2,000)=40,000 plus 220,00= 260,000f) An average of 3 manggagamot per cockpit (3 x 2,000)=6,000 plus 260,000 = 266,0004b. An average of four poultry supply stores per cockpit (4 x 2,000 = 8,000a) Average of 3 employees per store 3 X 8,000)=24,000 plus 266,000 = 290,0004c. There are more than 20 big companies engaged in the production, marketing and distribution of gamefowl feeds, feed supplement, vitamins, medication, vaccines, , etc.a) They should be employing an average of 100 employees each from the plant to the wholesalers (20 X 100) = 2,000 plus 290,000 = 292,000.4d. In addition are a lot of small manufacturers producing gaffs, boxes, incubators, gloves, carrying cases, folding pens, feeding cups, cords etc. a) This can add up to 1,000 natiownwide that employs at least 3 persons each (3 x 1,000) = 3,000 plus 292,000 = 295,0004e. There are about 2,500 breeders registered as members of the 24-member organizations under the National Federation of Gamefowl Breeders. a)In the large and medium scale farm categories, they employ an average of 5 farmhands each (5 x 2500)= 12,500 plus 295,000 = 307,500b) There is easily an average of 20 cockers or breeders with small backyard farms for every cockpit with 10-20 heads each on a per cockpit ratio with the owner as employee (20 x 2,000 cockpits)= 40,000 plus 307,500 = 347,500ESTIMATED NUMBER OF BREAD WINNERS DIRECTLY EMPLOYED OR OWING THEIR LIVELIHOOD TO COCKFIGHTING = 347,500WHEN WE MULTIPLY THIS AN AVERAGE OF 4 DEPENDENTS EACH (5 x 347,500) = 1,737,5005) Related businessesa) There are 6 cockfights magazines in circulationb) They have an average circularion of a circulation 10,000 eachc) There are four television programs about gamefowl breeding and cockfighting aired over IBC-13 such as Tukaan; Sagupaan; Pilipinas Sabong Sports & Hataw Pinoy. Plus two more all-fights program in Cable TV which are Sulatada and Sabong Pinoy.d) There is already a TJT Cocking Academy with an average attendance of 20 per class done every month.e) Beerhouses & other entertainment establishments, restaurants, hotels, airlines, health spa, pawnshops, banks and other businesses are indirectly benefitted by the gamefowl industry 6) What can be done to help the industrya) Establish a Philippine Gamefowl Authority under the Office of the President or expand the power and authority of the Games and Amusement Board to provide assistance to the gamefiowl industry such as standarduzation of rules, licensing of key cockpit personnel etc. Marcos recognized the sector by coming up with a Philippine Gamefowl Commission, but it only turned into a permit mill and a dumping ground of political apoointees.b) Rooster thievery and farm hold-ups are very rampant, so, there is a great need to solve this problem.c) Promote cockfighting and gamefowl breeding as a tourist attraction like what the Department of Tourism is doing now for the rodeo in Masbate and other sports tourism like diving, rapelling, mountain climbing, kayaking and rafting. Like bullfighting in Spain, cockfighting can bring a good number of tourists.d) Come up with an annual National Cockers and Gamefowl Breeders Fair.e) Come up with a National Sabong Festival.f) Come up with a Gamefowl Breeders and Cockers Week.g) Encourage and assist farmers to diversify into grains and other plants that are ingredients in gamefowl feeds, so as to make raw materials readily available and cheaper that also would render the prize of gamefowl feeds more affordable and would allow the rooster-raisers to make more profit.h) National associations like the NFGB and UGBA can probaly forged an alliance with cockers of other countries for a possible cockers' exchange programs or to come up with a common firewall against the enemies of cockfighting.

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