Wednesday, April 16, 2008



Dear Sir,
Just want to share with you that PETA is all over condemning our beloved sabong sport. My daughter, a junior medical student at UP Manila- PGH told me that the PETA group held a forum at their university.

As expected, my daughter stood out and proudly told everybody that her father breeds fightingcocks, then related the TLC I give to the chickens, and refuted the PETA that sabungeros are not brutal to chickens and are far different from what they perceived us to be. That it is but the animal instinct of chickens to fend for themselves when pitted during spar, just like all other animals.
I hope the kids of all our kasabongs are smart enough to stand out and defend our sport when PETA visits their campuses.More power to Bantay-Sabong.Regards, Boy Ang Los Banos, Lagunaa.k.a. : ACAngnqbtors

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